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The kitchen has always felt like home to Chef Kim. At an early age, she took great joy in being an employee at her dad’s restaurant- Dayne’s Shingle Shak,  Kim and her sister Kathy both helped and learned at an early age about the classic southern fare of cooking and the hard work of the restaurant world. Kim went on to do many other things but no matter what job she held, she was always drawn to food, people and the culinary creations of cooking and fresh ingredients.

Chef Kim is a native of Shelby, North Carolina.  Growing up here Kim is proud of the community that she lives and proud that her dad still operates Dayne’s Shingle Shak, serving customers for over 43 years.

Chef Kim has a library of recipes and books that are printed out of her family favorites.  She uses them on a daily basic. Most of those recipes are from her Mom, who is also fabulous cook. Kim and her Mom love to go through cookbooks together and talk about her mom, grandmother’s, aunts and friends great recipes and make special notes on them.

Chef Kim recently graduated from Auguste Escoffier of Culinary School.  Chef Kim learned formal culinary training and leadership skills, from baking to management.

Chef Kim has many special dishes featuring Grilled Pork Tenderloin with a spicy peach glaze. Seared Pan Salmon with herb vegetable’s, Beef Tenderloin with infused herb butter. She enjoys making the southern favorite’s like: Macaroni and Cheese, Sweet Potato Casserole, and many other favorites (all of her mom’s recipes).

Looking for a new challenge, Chef Kim Sneed began a new business venture offering full catering services: Food For All Catering. She loves joining up with her dad and crafting a personalized menu for her clients that highlights the uniqueness of each event and individuality of each host. However, always looking to the future, Chef Kim is confident that someday she too may own her own restaurant in her current home, Shelby, NC just like her dad did at a early age. Cooking, Creating and Serving are her inner soul that sparks her fire.


~ Be the smile that sparks them ~

Kim Sneed 704-466-7033
Shelby, NC 28150